Baby's First Year Programs

Elite Moderate Basic
Maternity Family Basic Not Included
Monthly Maternity Series Included Not Included Not Included
Baby Sessions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 months 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 months 3, 6, 9 months
Mom, Dad & Baby Session 2, 3 or 4 month session 2 or 4 month session Not Included
1st Birthday Session w/ Cake w/ Cake Basic
Family Session Full Basic Not Included
Portrait Discount 15% 10% 5%
5"x7" 2 Panel Folio Included Included Included
Framed Designer Collage Included Included Not Included
8" Photobook Included Not Included Not Included
Value $1035+ $605+ $225+
Price $550 $300 $125

Basic Maternity Session

($20 value)
In the basic maternity session, most of the portraits are of mommy. Daddy does get in for some of the portraits. We can do a location and studio portraits.

Family Maternity Session

($30 value)
If you have some kids already, it's great to get the family maternity session. In this session, we will still take a lot of portraits of mommy by herself, and some with daddy. However, we will also get some portraits with the whole family as well as possibly some with just the kids & mommy. We can do a location or two as well as studio portraits.

Monthly Maternity Series

($25 value)
From the month you know you're pregnant until you deliver, we will take pictures of mommy-to-be each month. This is not a full photo session, just a few basic shots to show off the belly as it grows. They will be taken in the same style and background each month to easily compare month to month. A great and fun series to have!

Baby Sessions

($25 value each)
We will take our time getting those precious portraits each month. We will typically do 3 - 5 different settings with at least one usually being themed each month. We also try to do one set each month with the same prop to show how much they are growing between each session.

Mom, Dad & Baby Session

($50 value)
This session is one of the Baby Sessions. However, in this session, we will take some extra time to get some precious, intimate portraits of mom with baby, dad with baby and mom & dad with baby. These are those portraits you will definitely treasure forever.

1st Birthday Session

($60 value)
For their first birthday, we'll do a regular session like we have each prior session. However, we'll add one more set of photos to the end of this session. We'll provide a small birthday cake that the birthday baby gets to dive in to.

Full Family Session

($40 value)
Any time through the year, we will do a family portrait session so everyone can see your entire family, including your latest addition. The full family session inclues portraits of the entire family as well as pictures of mom & dad, pictures of the kids and possibly other arrangements of your family.

Basic Family Session

($25 value)
This session is the same as the full family session except it only includes portraits of the entire family together.

Portrait Discount

(unlimited value)
For joining our program, you get an additional discount on our regular portrait prices from any of the sessions included in your program. This discount is for our portraits and greeting cards.